Waffle Slab Concrete System

Waffle Slab Concrete Systems in Canberra

If you want access to the finest and most dependable waffle slab concrete systems in all of Canberra, ACT, then you have come to the right place. Ellcon is a Fyshwick-based company that can accommodate any and all of your waffle slab concrete system needs.

Waffle slabs are convenient in that they are markedly more rigid than flat slabs are. They're also significantly lighter. If you want to keep the vibration of slabs at bay, waffle slabs may be a strong choice for you. They also have more depth on their sides than their ribbed counterparts do.

Ellcon Company Background

Ellcon is a reputable business that was launched by Steve Elliott in 1980. Elliott has been at the helm of Ellcon for approximately 35 years. And now the company is among the most prominent businesses in all of Canberra. It's part of HIA and MBA and is a company that's dedicated to customer satisfaction and superior quality. 

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If you're interested in fire resistance, strong finishes, thermal mass, strong vibration control, sturdiness and impressive building speed, you may want to learn more about the waffle slabs that are available through Ellcon.

Waffle slabs, in a nutshell, are slab and footing systems that are situated on the ground. They're particularly suitable for locations that are close to flat. They're good matches for natural soils as well.

If you want to know more about waffle slabs, our team is on hand to help you out. Get in touch with the friendly and helpful professionals here at Ellcon as soon as possible to learn more about all of our options in waffle slab concrete systems. We can provide you with answers that are clear and straightforward.

Call us today on 02 6239 2665 to schedule a consultation. We can talk to you about waffle slabs, suspended slabs and beyond.

To find out more about our suspended concrete slab systems, or for advice about your project, call our friendly team today on 02 6239 2665.

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