Suspended Concrete Slab System

Provide the Foundations for your Future

Concrete slab systems in Canberra

Ellcon Slab systems

Prevent foundational cracking

Ellcon Concrete Slab System

Improve insulation

Ellcon Slab System

Achieve greater soundproofing than alternative solutions

When planning your construction project, it is important to choose your concrete slab system carefully. We can offer you our expert advice and knowledge of the industry materials to help
you do this. 
Whether you're looking for residential, commercial or industrial concreting services, our team will expertly lay the foundations for a huge diversity of projects to suit your individual requirements. We are experienced concrete contractors in Canberra, offering high-quality, made-to-measure materials with services delivered in a reasonable timescale and within budget.
Our team at Ellcon Concrete Service can help benefit your project through the use of suspended concrete slab systems, wherever you are in Canberra. We will identify the ideal strength-to-weight ratio so that your foundation is stable and durable. 

To find out more about our suspended concrete slab systems, or for advice about your project, call our friendly team today on 02 6239 2665.

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